My name is Jane.

I'm a 
makeup artist
hair stylist
wedding artist


About me

My Directions:

I have a proactive attitude when it comes to my work. There are lots of things that inspire me, among which there is travelling, dance music and new discoveries! In my free time I enjoy makeup expo, and there are still so many things to experience for me.

My achievements:

My professional background is very strong. I used to work with a lot of top celebrities and TV hosts. I do a lot of commercials shootings, working with fashion photographers, wedding and private party make up. I did Grammy party for the last 2 years. Today I’m taking part in the KidzBop MakeUp Video ‘18.



Please, contact me in any way convenient for you!

I’d love to hear from you, so if you like the shots I take, please, share your thoughts with me! It’s striving to know of your impressions and would appreciate a healthy critics! Be sure to contact me if you’re looking for a professional makeup artist!

I’m doing braids, wing hairstyles, updo, blowout and etc. Working with different make up looks: Halloween make up (scars, bruises, blood and etc.), airbrush, special FX. My schedule is flexible.  I’m looking forward to working with you!

Have a nice day!